Spice Hut in Brixton serves up cheap and tasty delights for lunch

I was working in Brixton today, so I stopped for some tasty lunch in this little place called the Spice Hut. I’ve been going there for a couple of years now, it’s situated near the train station on Brixton Station Road. There’s heaps of random market stalls along the street outside, one of them always plays bass heavy reggae/dub music which sets the atmosphere nicely. I often find myself chatting away to people in the Spice Hut while eating, I guess the smell of nice food and sound of loud music makes people that little bit more sociable! Today a Moroccan guy started chatting to me about the food in there, he seemed pretty happy with his grilled chicken & salad but he was definitely looking at my food with envy ha!

On previous visits the Spice Hut always looked pretty shabby from the outside and not much better inside, but today I was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve undergone a total refurbishment. There were wooden tables and chunky wooden seats to match the rest of the decor (as opposed to the plastic seats and wobbly tables of old) and this seems to have proven popular with the locals as it was completely rammed in there. In the past I wouldn’t have blamed people for walking straight past because of the appearance but they most definitely were missing out on some tasty treats! The dishes on offer include mainly a wide range of curries, grilled meat wraps, and more recently a selection of burgers.

I’ve tried several of the dishes in the Spice Hut and everything has been top dollar, but my favourite by far is their fish curry which comes with pilau rice and salad for £5.99. You can also have with it a fresh naan bread which is made to order in a tandoori oven.


The fish curry looks amazing on a huge platter underneath the glass counter when you walk in, it has huge chunks of coley intertwined with onions, tomatoes, peppers, spices and fresh coriander. The flavour is tangy but not overloaded with spices or heat, just a great accompaniment for the flavour of the fish. The portions are enormous but there is nothing unhealthy about it so you can stuff your face to your heart’s content without having a conscience. It’s a dish that never fails to make me nod my head with enjoyment, and I will definitely be going back for more.


Spice Hut
5 Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8PA
0207 0959090

2 thoughts on “Spice Hut in Brixton serves up cheap and tasty delights for lunch

    • Oh dearie dearie me, that’s a shame as some of the food was nice in there. I haven’t been there for a couple of years now but it looked completely different last time I went past, perhaps new owners I’m not sure. Thanks for the heads up on this, I think I’ll pop down there and speak with them before deciding whether or not to remove this post. They may have cleaned up their act since this took place

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