Head to Tooting for a dosa Bollywood style…

Today’s search for the largest pothole in London took me to Tooting, a place that has south Indian food on offer at practically every door you walk past.  There are a number of scrumptious places to visit and today’s choice was no exception, it’s called ‘Dosa n’ Chutny’ (straight away they get top marks for comedy spelling) and is situated just across the street from Tooting Broadway station.


It didn’t take long to warm to the place, there was a Bollywood movie being shown in the corner of the restaurant with the music coming through the speakers which set the atmosphere nicely.  People were even nodding their heads along to it, I took this as a good sign and instantly felt like I was in the presence of happy customers.


Jugs of tap water and glasses were placed on every table which was a nice touch, especially for cheapos like me.  With the decor perhaps they took the slogan ‘the future’s orange’ a bit too literally when they selected their furniture, but it certainly wasn’t an issue for me.  I took a long look through the menu which had me spoilt for choice and eventually settled on ordering a chicken masala dosa for a mere £4.25, get in there my son!


A dosa is a south Indian style fermented pancake made with rice batter and black lentils and comes with a filling of your choice (savoury or sweet), and a selection of dips, commonly eaten in southern India as street food.  My dosa looked pretty impressive when it turned up, it had a nice golden colour to it, heaps of filling inside and plenty of sauce for dipping it in.  The consistency was of a thin crispy crepe, easy to tear pieces off, and great for scooping up the delicious dips with.


There were four dips, sambar (spicy with lentils), and three types of coconut chutney.  All were delicious with the dosa and combined with the chicken masala filling.  Traditionally a masala dosa contains a mixture of lightly cooked potatoes and fried onions with spices, pieces of grilled chicken are added to the mix and hey presto, you can also order a mutton masala dosa which is also bang on the money.


I will definitely be paying this place another visit in future, not only is the food great but it’s really cheap and there are 101 more things I need to try from that menu!  It’s worth mentioning that they have another branch open in Croydon as well.

Dosa n Chutny, 68 Tooting High Street, London, SW17 0RN


2 thoughts on “Head to Tooting for a dosa Bollywood style…

  1. Dunno how I haven’t at least seen this place before – I find myself by Tooting Broadway station reasonably frequently! This was really great reading 🙂

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