Brockley Market, bringing fine food to south east London every Saturday

This weekend I took myself off to Brockley Market near Lewisham for a spot of lunch in an attempt to cure my deteriorating hangover.  I’ve only recently discovered this little gem of a place and I can already see myself visiting every Saturday unless I have a really good excuse stopping me.  They have excellent street food stalls as well as locally sourced fine foods for sale, definitely not a place to be sniffed at especially if you live just down the road!


Brockley Market runs from 10am until 2pm every Saturday in Lewisham College car park, just 10 minutes walk from Lewisham station.  The hot food stalls serve all sorts of stuff, masala dosas, pulled pork subs, amazing looking burgers, fish dogs (?!), roast chicken baps with Korean hot sauce (next time…), and Turkish lamb wraps with Seville blood oranges (tried one last week and they rock), some pretty epic stuff basically!  There is also a great selection of stalls selling fresh produce including organic meat and fish, salamis, cheeses, olives, chutneys, cakes, organic vegetables, Chinese salad leaves, and more stuff that I can’t even remember.  One thing to look out for is the guy with the outrageously spicy salami, I overheard him telling someone it’s the spiciest in the UK.  I bought some and it was ridiculously hot but tasty as hell at the same time, especially sautéed and added to classic dishes such as ‘cheese on toast’ or ‘spag bol’.  In fact, I need to get some more as it’s amazing!


This time around I opted for a rare breed pork schnitzel sandwich from the Austrian ‘Fleisch Mob’ stall.  When I asked for a schnitzel the staff feigned a great comedy reaction of surprise as if they didn’t even know what a schnitzel was, looking at me open-mouthed like I was another of the crazy ones, nothing beats a bit of surreal schnitzel humour!


The schnitzels are made to order, the meat is hammered thin then dipped in flour and egg, breadcrumbed and deep fried.  They are served in light rye sourdough with a squeeze of lemon, homemade plum compote and rocket for £5.50.  The combination tastes delicious, the meat is still moist and well seasoned, the compote has a nice tang to it but not overpowering, and the sourdough is the perfect accompaniment.  It pretty much cured my hangover too, not entirely but I’m not sure that anything would’ve to be honest.  You can also have a traditional veal schnitzel instead for £8.50 if you’re feeling a bit fleisch.  I recommend paying these guys a visit, check their website or follow them on twitter to find out where they’re going to be.

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2 thoughts on “Brockley Market, bringing fine food to south east London every Saturday

  1. Nom!!! That looks like a hangover destroyer right there!!!! Pork is where it’s at… whatever the occassion 😉 Love it! Defo gonna pay them a visit next time I’m in the ‘hood!

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