Go to Borough Market and get the horn (ok please) aloo tikki chaat

Another busy day perusing the streets for potholes took me to London Bridge today.  I conveniently made it there right around lunchtime and headed straight into Borough Market to find the ‘Horn Ok Please’ Indian street food stall, with a name like that who could resist?


Whenever I’ve been to Borough Market in the past it’s always been on a weekend, completely overcrowded and a nightmare to navigate your way around.  Clearly making it there on a week day is the way forward, it’s far less busy and has a more relaxed atmosphere as a result.  Plus you can get closer to the stalls to see what kind of cooking’s going down.


I only found out about ‘Horn Ok Please’ (snarf) this week, they serve up hot and cold vegetarian Indian street food and operate at Borough Market from Monday to Wenesday 10am – 5pm.  You can also catch them at the Real Food Market by the Southbank Centre from Friday to Sunday.


Today’s treats on offer were moong dal masala dosas (thicker than the usual crepe-like dosa), or aloo tikki chaat, both served with chickpea curry and chutneys.  I chose the aloo tikki chaat, spiced potato patties topped with chick pea curry, chenna, chutneys, sev, red onions, coriander and pomegranate all for a mere £4.50.  There are so many tastes and textures going on you really have to try one for yourself, there is yoghurt, tamarind and date chutney, coriander and mint chutney, soft potato, spiced chick peas, and sev is the stuff on top like vermicelli but made with gram flour which adds a crispy texture.  The sprinklings of red onion, coriander and pomegranite seeds each add another dimension.  Once finished you feel like you’ve eaten lots of healthy goodness so it’s a win win!


Go check these guys out if you’re feeling the horn!


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