Go to Clapham High Street for a cheap Brazilian!

I stumbled across this Brazilian steak house called Rodizio doing a lunchtime offer for £5 today so I gave it a whirl.  It’s for takeaway only, you get three meats and can help yourself to the buffet of veg sides and salad.


My waiter took off into the kitchen to get my three meats – strips of medium rare beef, chunks of skewered chicken, and Brazilian sausage.  These were presented to me in a large takeaway container which I then filled up from the buffet counter with an assortment of  beef stew (couldn’t resist the extra helping of meat), roasted vegetables (courgettes, peppers, onions, &mushrooms), roasted new potatoes, coleslaw with crispy bits on top, and some deep fried rice fritters.

IMG_20130307_183059 IMG_20130307_183153

There was a huge selection of stuff to choose from – refried beans, stacks of different veg and salads, but I was quite happy going for mainly hot stuff and leaving the salad behind seeing as it was a total meat fest!  The strips of beef were melt in the mouth tastic, the sausage was full of flavour not too dissimilar from Polish smoked sausage, and the garlicy skewered chicken was just next level.  It was off the garlic richter scale (don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of garlic), and every mouthful was to die for.  Don’t get me wrong the rest of the stuff was awesome, but the chicken was the absolute star of the show.


All the accompaniments were bang on the money as well, all the veg was perfectly cooked and well seasoned, and the beef stew gave me some juice to soak up the veg with.  If you’re a meat lover, as long as you don’t mind wandering the street stuffing your face while people walk past then you will love this deal, I actually went down a side street and drank the remaining contents of the container it was so tasty, ok I have some bad habits frickin’ sue me!  I will undoubtedly be going back here in the very near future, £5 lunches don’t come much better than this, especially when it states £6.95 on their website, maybe don’t point that out to them!



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