Polished dining for exceptional value in Elephant and Castle at Mamuska….

Elephant & Castle shopping centre is best avoided for the most part but there is one attraction worth shouting about; a restaurant called Mamuska which serves great Polish food for incredible value.  They operate a simple policy where every starter is £3 and every main is £5, to be honest you don’t really NEED a starter as the mains are so huge so you really don’t need to spend much.  A large bottle of Polish beer is also only £3 which is pretty much unheard of anywhere in London these days, bonus!  They claim on their website to offer “authentic Polish meals prepared with fresh Polish ingredients at a price you can afford every day”, I’d say that is pretty much bang on the money.


They certainly seem true to their word, the meals are enormous and as far as I can make out authentically Polish (although if the truth be known I’ve never been to Poland or a Polish restaurant before in my life!).  To save myself listing exactly what’s on offer I took a photo of the menu, from what I can remember it’s very much a meat and two veg type of affair whatever you order, things like stroganooff/gulash/pork steaks all come with mash and a side of your choice.


I ordered pork steaks with Polish gravy and mash, and chose Polish red cabbage as my side order (something I’m reasonably familiar with!).  Everything was perfectly cooked, two huge slabs of pork loin with a crunchy outer crust, soft mashed potato with a generous sprinkling of dill, and red cabbage with a perfect balance of vinegar and sweetness.


You place your order at the counter and collect your own food when it’s ready, I guess that must save them some money on waitressing staff.  To be honest as long as it helps them to keep serving quality food at prices like these I couldn’t care less if I had to do the monkey bars to fetch it.  From my experience there aren’t many Polish restaurants around but then I’ve never avidly searched for one either, this place is well worth checking out if you want to try something new without breaking the bank.  I can only presume that Polish people must love it too seeing as everything is written in Polish before English, opening hours are 9am until midnight 7 days a week 🙂  Go go go!


Mamuska, Unit 233, 1st Floor Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, London, SE1 6TE



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