There’s a brand new street food market in Brixton, hear me now!

Food Corner
I visited the all new Food Corner street food market on Brixton Station Rd last week and found some fantastic food on offer. This is now a permanent fixture taking place every weekday lunchtime, not that Brixton especially needs any more fab food with Brixton Village just around the corner but that’s not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.
The first stall to grab my attention was called Bokit’La, serving authentic street food from the French Caribbean island of Guadaloupe. They aren’t part of ‘Food Corner’ as such which is at the far end of the road but they set up shop here every Friday, and can be found in Hammersmith, Muswell Hill and Kennington Oval on other week days.
They are two brothers and a cousin from Guadaloupe who are bringing the street food which they grew up on to London in as authentic a fashion as possible.  By the way expect to feel seriously uncool alongside these guys, their swagger takes it to a whole new level, they even carry off the unthinkable – sunglasses on a miserable rainy day without looking like knobs!
A bokit (nicknamed the creole burger) is a kind of deep fried bread hollow in the middle like a pitta bread, and in this case stuffed with either chicken, salt fish or aubergines, each cooked with garlic and a secret creole spice mix (small £2.50, medium £4, large £5). They come with homemade creole tomato salsa, lettuce and a choice of homemade chilli sauce of which there are four levels of hotness.
I was reeled in by the offer of free samples, they insisted I try all three fillings; each of which was tremendous in it’s own right but the chicken was my favourite so I opted for a large one of those. The bread is made to order and despite being deep fried isn’t greasy at all, be careful if you go for the hot hot sauce as it packs quite a punch. I will definitely be revisiting these guys, if I were to suggest improvements it would be to perhaps chuck a little bit more filling inside the bokit and replace the lettuce leaves with a more sophisticated salad accompaniment, but for that they still score a solid 8 out of 11.
Bunny Chow

Next up was a brand new stall called ‘Bunnychow’ and this was their first ever day’s trading, they make South African ‘bunnies’ (a type of street food from Durban); mini loaves of bread hollowed out and filled with your choice of South African curries and topped with yoghurt and fresh herbs.  Today’s fillings were Devil Chicken curry and South African mutton curry, I tried a bit of both and they were delicious although I could’ve definitely taken a whack more chilli heat personally.IMG_20130524_184450

It would be unfair to give these guys a proper score out of 11 as I only had some free taster samples on this occasion. I will say however that I was highly impressed with what I tried and they seem to have a great vision for the future of their stall, they’re very open to suggestions on how they could improve and they plan to expand the range of curries on offer. My only suggestion would be to add some kind of vegetable accompaniment on the side to dip in the curry, perhaps a tempura okra or something?!!  Anyway, it’s a brilliantly fun way to eat a curry, whoever came up with the idea is a genius!


There are various other stalls offering everything from cupcakes to Vietnamese street food and they even occasionally have a DJ busting out some reggae and dancehall tunes. Food Corner really is a welcome addition to an already thriving part of Brixton, I will be there every week for the forseeable trying out other stalls and giving you the heads up.

Check the ‘Brixton Market’ page on facebook or @_brixtonmarket on twitter for daily updates.


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