You can stick your sirloin up your rump, it’s all about the Flat Iron for me….

There’s nothing flat about the Flat Iron steakhouse in Soho, it took me a while to get round to visiting but it was well worth the wait. They focus on one course of one variety; Steak, well you could have 3 courses if you wanted; steak, steak and steak, and there is a menu of delicious sides. Flat Iron is the American name given to the cut of meat used religiously here, otherwise spiffingly nicknamed the ‘butler’s steak’ in the UK. Taken from the shoulder of the cow it has a marbled effect and is an extremely tender cut of meat that has only recently become popular in restaurants, I’d never heard of it before in all honesty but I’m so glad to have discovered it.


They serve all their steaks medium rare (unless told otherwise) on a stone slab pre-sliced with a pot of well dressed side salad (£10 without any extras). Make sure to check out the specials board as they usually have one other cut of steak on offer in addition to the flat iron. I chose sides of beef dripping chips which were super crunchy and flavoursome (£3), and the tomato, aubergine and parmesan bake was heaven in a bowl (also £3). You can choose from bearnaise, peppercorn and the house special ‘Fred’s’ sauce, each costing £1 extra. All in all expect a meal with a beer to cost you around £20, not bad at all for a steak as good as this in London. The cute little meat cleaver instead of a knife is a nice touch and has since become their trademark.


One flat iron steak with two sides is surprisingly filling but should you have room for more I recommend you head to the bar downstairs and try a hot doughnut injected with rhubarb and vanilla custard (£2.50), this will be just about enough for you to reach a state of enlightenment.


Important point to remember – Flat Iron don’t take bookings so you may have to wait a wee while for a table, weekends can be especially busy. My advice is head down there early on a weekday if possible (we got a table straight away at 5.30), however it’s definitely worth waiting for so just be patient and I promise you will be rewarded.

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