REVIEW: “Bacon Naan Roll” @Dishoom’s Ltd Edt Breakfast w/@GingerPigLtd Bacon

Having loved the original bacon naan roll from Dishoom the prospect of one with Uber bacon excites me a LOT!

@wilkes888 - London based Food & Drink-o-phile


October 07, 2013 at 09:41AM via Instagram


“Bacon Naan Roll” is already a popular breakfast dish at Dishoom, London’s interpretation of a ‘Bombay Café’. Supercharge this favourite with “5 day, dry-cured with rock salt and demerara sugar then cold smoked over oak chips” bacon from one of London’s best known butchers, and you get an amazing breakfast treat.

The Ginger Pig is familiar to many Londoners with an interest in meat. This butcher supplies some of the best restaurants in London. If you love Hawksmoor or Honest Burgers, you’re eaten meat from a Ginger Pig farm. Their six London butcher shops are also the home to the largest sausage rolls I’ve ever seen weighing over 270g each!

Dishoom is an interesting concept, designed to bring a flavour of the Bombay Café to London. From my understanding, the Bombay…

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