Moroccan fish and chips in Ladbroke Grove, a different kind of chippy….

I recently visited Ladbroke Grove to check out some street art and accidentally happened upon Golborne Road, a lively area situated at the end of Portobello Road known as little Morocco for it’s large North African community. There is a great street food market running every week from Monday to Saturday selling all kinds of international food. I took a good look around before homing in on the busy Moroccan fish and chips stall, partly intrigued by the sound of it and partly hyponitised by the smell.IMG_20130612_102251

The place was heaving with happy looking customers filling every available seat and forming an orderly queue to be served, this could only be taken as an extremely good sign! The format is simple, you choose from an assortment of 9 different fish each for £7 and all come with the same accompaniments; chips, rice, bread, a delicious homemade tomato sauce (like a Moroccan spiced passata), and a tomato and olive salad.

IMG_20130612_102323   IMG_20130612_102431

All the fish is cooked from fresh in front of you on a hot plate with Moroccan spices rather than deep fried in batter. They don’t serve battered sausages or pukka pies either so you’ll have to look elsewhere if that’s more your thing!  No, this is a much healthier alternative and one I would choose every day of the week over the traditional greasy option personally.


I opted for a swordfish steak which was generously seasoned with a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic and Moroccan spices. It was cooked to perfection on the hot plate giving it wonderful flavour on the outside yet remaining soft and juicy in the middle, absolutely delicious. The portions were huge, I struggled to finish mine yet others were ordering extra calamari so perhaps I just need some more practice….. This is definitely a stall I would come back to time and time again, and by the looks of it several locals already do.


To keep up with the latest goings on check Portobello and Golborne’s feed on twitter @RBKCMarkets, or on facebook!/RBKCMarkets

Below are a few shots of the local street art amongst other things taken while I was wandering around the area.

IMG_20130611_233754  IMG_20130611_214227

Shot of the canal along from Westbourne Park station and huge graffiti wall underneath Trellick Tower.

IMG_20130611_223604  IMG_20130628_090103

Portraits by Paul ‘Don’ Smith, and ‘Statue of Obesity’ by Trust iCON.

IMG_20130628_092724  IMG_20130629_134725

Profilic piece by Banksy and shop front by Binty Bint.

IMG_20130930_182653  IMG_20131002_093905

Stencil by Otto Schade, and various bits of street art at Portobello market.


Trellick Tower, a mecca amongst graffiti artists.

That’s all for now folks!

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