A smoking hot brunch to remember in Hackney Wick….

H. Forman & Son’s salmon smokehouse is appropriately located in the Fish Island area of Hackney Wick. They’ve been curing and smoking top notch salmon since 1905 as well as supplying the world’s top restaurants. On seeing their huge banner advertising Saturday brunch I located a menu and had a feeling this could be something a little bit special.


There was a good range of meaty, veggie and fishy options available, I figured where better to eat smoked salmon than a salmon smokehouse so went for ‘Forman’s eggs’ which is essentially eggs royale except with a chunky hot smoked salmon steak instead of the usual wafer thin slices of the cold stuff. Indeed what was to follow confirmed that I’m not just a pretty face after all. This was hands down the best smoked salmon I’d ever tried, perfectly soft poached eggs, hollandaise sauce to die for and for only £7.50, not bad for a place that was featured on Celebrity Masterchef right?


Whilst in my element I made eye contact with the chef and couldn’t help but blurt out ‘this is the shit mate’, after all I was the only person in the restaurant at the time, we exchanged knowing thumbs up. He already knew. I was amazed that they weren’t absolutely heaving in here but then Hackney Wick is a fairly quiet area, evening service and functions are where the restaurant make their money. The evening menu looks absolutely exquisit with lots of amazing smoked fish dishes on offer, a bit more expensive but I expect it’s worth every penny.


The restaurant and bar overlook the canal and face the olympic stadium. It’s worth taking a stroll along the canal if you’re not familiar with the area and like street art, keep a look out for the armies of toy soldiers doing battle hidden amongst the bushes on the wall opposite the smokehouse.


Brunch is served from 10am til 2pm on Saturdays, check the link below for other opening times and make sure you pick up a Forman & Field (their online shop) catalogue for some food porn of the highest order.

H.Forman & Sons, Stour Road, Fish Island, London E3 2NT
Telephone: 0208 5252 399




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