On The Bab, a new Korean restaurant in Shoreditch, not a kebab shop….

A new Korean restaurant opened on Old street in Shoreditch just before Christmas. They offered a discount of 50% on all food for their opening two days so I went along and completely stuffed my face. The restaurant is cosy with a modern feel serving classic Korean and fusion dishes.


With it being half price I opted for two starters, the first to arrive being pan-fried chicken dumplings (£3.60 for 3 pieces). I find it hard not to order dumplings in all honesty, these were especially good although I could’ve eaten twice as many.


Off to a good start next up were these Korean kimchi & cheese arancini balls with spicy Koba sauce (£4.00 for 2 pieces). These little guys were probably the star of the show for me, heavenly balls of breadcrumbed rice with kimchi (fermented spicy vegetables, a Korean staple) and cheese in the middle. I could’ve eaten a hundred of these bad boys and still gone back for more.

DSC_0374  DSC_0375

I made friends with a Chinese girl and her father on the table next to me so I cheekily papped a photo of one of her buns which looked rather appetising, a vegetable fritter bun in this case. The father insisted I share a bottle of Sujo with him throughout the meal which was a welcome addition and a new discovery for me, it’s a Korean alcoholic drink in this case made from sweet potatoes.


For a main I went for bimimbap with spicy pork, a classic Korean staple dish of rice, meat and veg. This was nice enough but needed a good amount of chilli sauce to spice it up to my liking.


At this point I should’ve been asking for the bill but I found myself still a bit peckish so I ordered a kimchi and bacon paella served with a fried egg and cabbage. I loved this dish, a really interesting mix of flavours that worked beautifully, it’s got bacon in it!


In the case of both starters a slightly larger serving wouldn’t have gone amiss but this is fairly standard with Korean food in my experience. If you’re a growing lad like myself then I would suggest ordering two main courses to fill you up properly! Apologies for the shameless amount of innuendos in this post, they just seemed to keep coming.


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