Moreish Tapas from Morito in Farringdon….

This place is well known amongst foodies as one of the best tapas restaurants in London, for me it was a first time visit so I was rather excited at the prospect of popping my morito cherry. London is a city where you needn’t be ripped off in restaurants and here is a prime example of somewhere that offers excellent quality food without breaking the bank.


It’s located in the trendy Exmouth Market area of Farringdon where competition is stiff so the steaks are pretty high, oh yes they don’t call me the punmaster for nothing….ok just one guy on instagram calls me the punmaster, anyway moving on. The decor is modern and the restaurant is buzzing, be sure to book in advance as every table was taken on our visit and we had to spend an hour waiting in the pub, what a total nightmare.


We ordered six dishes and a bread basket between two of us which turned out to be more than we could handle. Often the problem with tapas in my experience is you end up shelling out a fortune on extra dishes because you aren’t full up, no such issue in this place. Anyway onto some pictures of the rather delicious food….


Although these jamon and chicken croquetas don’t photograph so well they were to die for….


… were these crispy aubergine & melaza de cana (molasses).


You can’t do any wrong with Merguez sausages, harissa & yoghurt….


…..and the best patatas bravas I’ve ever tried if my memory serves me correctly.


This was a dish from the specials menu which I can’t remember the name of but it was a tasty sausage and bean stew simliar to the classic French dish ‘cassoulet’.


My favourite dish of the evening was the chicharrones de cadiz (pork belly with cumin & lemon). Wow, massive screwface caused by this one.


All in all expectations were high and were met on every level with excellent service to boot. A meal for two came in at little more than £40 between us including a beer each, an absolute bargain for London or anywhere for that matter.


In case you’re feeling flash you can step things up a bit at Moro, the a la carte restaurant next door run by the same people as Morito since 1997. Morito however is more than adequate for starters (#punmaster).

Morito, 32 Exmouth Market
London EC1R 4QE

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