Bonnington Cafe, tres bon vegetarian cuisine in Kennington….

This little veggie restaurant is situated in the gorgeous Bonnington Square, a hidden gem of an area near the Oval in Kennington. It has a fantastic story, back in the 80s it was inhabited by squatters who decided to cook cheap meals for the community, taking turns to cook every day and changing the menu daily. Although no longer a squat, the cafe has continued in the same vein ever since but minus some dreadlocks and smelly dogs.


Nowadays it’s maintained by a collective of cooks who also contribute to the overall running of the restaurant. They still change the menu on a daily basis which keeps things refreshing and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their versatility in the kitchen. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly with chilled music playing in the background, although they have been known to rinse System of a Down on occasions!

photo 1

Starters and desserts are typically charged at £2.50 each with main courses coming in around the £5.50/£6 mark. Every day there are usually two choices of each course to choose from, inspiration for their dishes seems to come from just about anywhere in the world, so far I’ve encountered Brazilian, Moroccan and Persian to name a few.

photo 2 (2)

Anyway, onto some pictures of the food, always well presented colourful plates of food. This is how it should be done London! Take note!


Black bean stew with mango salsa, served with an elaborate salad including pumpkin seeds. This was as sensational as it looks.


Roasted eggplant baklava, this was my favourite dish so far, a great balance of sweet and savoury flavours that could go so horribly wrong but worked perfectly.

photo 2

Sweet Potato and squash tagine with cous cous.

photo 1 (4)

Black bean feijoada (Brazilian stew) with wild rice and orange flavoured kale, oh hello.

photo 4

Cashew, coconut and Indian mango raw cake. Now I’m not much of a dessert man but I would take a kick in the balls for another one of these.


I’m by no means the first to discover this delight of a place, they were recently in Time Out’s top 10 cheap eats across London and have had sterling views from all over. They set a standard by which it would be nice to see others follow, great tasting food presented beautifully at minimal prices. Check out their website for info ( ) or follow them on twitter ( @bonningtoncafe ), but ultimately you should go there and see for yourself and bon appetit!

5 thoughts on “Bonnington Cafe, tres bon vegetarian cuisine in Kennington….

  1. These portion sizes must be breaking their bank! Looks great, i’m always looking for good vegetarian places in London. The only one i’ve enjoyed so far is Amico Bio, Holborn. Let me know if you’ve visited any others. LW x

    • Hey, sorry for being so slow in my response but only just seen this! I recommend Maloko in Camberwell, they do vegetarian/vegan gallettes for around £5 and are very impressive. Also if you like Indian food, give Sagar Veg a try near Tottenham Court Rd, their food is utterly delicious. Thanks for your comment

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