The Peruvian bacon butty with more ‘Oink’ from Andina in Shoreditch

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, I blame facebook, it’s a slackness inducing arse wipe. It’s too easy to post something quickly on there with minimal effort and I’m a lazy bastard so it’s just too tempting. Anyway I’m back and this morning I am inspired. I came to Shoreditch to test out Dishoom’s Indian style full English breakfast but turned my nose up at their £11.50 price tag and came round the corner to see what these Peruvian guys have on offer at Andina. Martin Morales opened this place a year or so ago, his second venture since opening Ceviche in Soho in 2012.


I’ve seen and heard good things about Andina ever since they opened, they serve up traditional Peruvian food and are well known for their ceviche. It’s not the cheapest or the most expensive place but I heard the brunch is good and a little less dear. Straight away the ‘Chicharron Sandwich’ caught my eye with it’s description being ‘Like the best bacon sandwich’, and at £5.50 easily affordable for a cheapskate like myself. It’s a decent sized portion of confit pork belly served in a soft bun with camote ketchup (sweet potato), tomato, red onion and a little coriander. It’s less of a bacon butty, more a porktastic spasm inducing smack in the face.


photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

The rest of the menu looks tantalisingly delicious with a ceviche bar menu and street food dishes plus evening dishes including monkfish in a rocoto pepper, cumin & white wine marinade, with quinoa samphire & lime, or lamb seco Santiago; a mini casserole of slow cooked Romney-Marsh lamb with dark beer, marinated white beans and rice. The superfood smoothies also look pretty epic if a little pricy at £4/5 each. Anyway, I’m happy with my epic bacon butty and will at least be coming back for many more of these in the future.


You can make bookings and check out the menu etc on their website or check out their sister restaurant ‘Ceviche’ in Soho here

Until next time, peace y’all!

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