Sutton and Sons brings a different kettle of fish and chips to Islington

Sutton and Sons started out as a fishmongers in Stoke Newington nearly 20 years ago. They are well known as a supplier of sustainable fish but have recently been making their mark with a trio of restaurants. I was invited along with a fellow blogger to tuck into a few dishes at their brand new joint on Essex Road.


Our host Matthew (seen below) has worked for Sutton & Son’s since he was 12 years old when he used to lug deliveries of fresh fish into the shop. Since then he’s worked his way up and is now overseeing their third venture into the restaurant business. A proper local lad with a lot of passion for what he does.


We started off with some classic starters of whitebait and calamari. The calamari was particularly special, perfectly cooked fresh tasting squid with just the right amount of light golden batter. It’s not something I usually order because it’s so often done badly but these guys nailed it. We’re off to a winning start.



‘Why not throw in half a kilo of moules mariniere as well?’ he said. Oh go on then. The mussels were of the giant green lipped variety. Delicious.


Now, my intention was to try something other than just regular fish and chips this evening but our host recommended we try a piece of cod anyway and I’m stoked he did, it disappeared in seconds. The batter was super light and the fish melted in the mouth. Chunky hand cut chips for the win.


I noticed ‘Mrs Sutton’s pickles’ on the menu before we came and was quite eager to test these out as I love my pickles. All homemade, these were a real treat, especially the pickled quails eggs. The balsamic shallots and red onion rings weren’t far behind.


My main target tonight however was the grilled swordfish steak. This was one of the highlights of the evening for me, perfectly cooked with some nice colour from the grill and faultless seasoning. I have a lot of time for this dish.


When you’ve been invited somewhere you feel you should be polite and ponder over the food for a bit but when this tuna steak burger arrived all decorum went out the window. A quick photo each and we were laying into this beast like a pair of savages. I’m not sure how we had any appetite left at this point but I guess it’s a good sign. The top half of the burger had pesto and pickles on it while the underneath had a rich tomato sauce. We ordered this medium rare so it was nice and pink in the middle, you can order it how you like though. A huge amount of tuna steak up in this bad boy and we’re talking about a serious taste sensation. I highly recommend you try one of these, and bring a bib too because it IS going to get messy.


Look at this guy, he is getting involved. He’s my friend Filippo, you can find his blog here:


Although this is primarily a fish restaurant it’s worth mentioning you can also order pie, mash and liquor in here, and a good selection of East End brewed beers. It’s clear these guys are passionate about supporting their local community.


As always thanks for reading everyone and I’d like to say a big thank you to Matthew and co for looking after us, AND blowing us away with some amazing food. Best fish and chips I’ve had in London by a country mile. I hope they achieve more success with this new venture.


You can also find Sutton and Sons on Stoke Newington High Street and in Boxpark, Shoreditch (takeaway only).

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