Persepolis, the gateway to another dimension in Peckham….

Hey guys n’ gals I’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here due to a number of reasons. In no particular order – I moved house, got hit by a motorbike, visited Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, China & North Korea, climbed cranes, snuck into the London sewers, partied in the Paris catacombs, and almost joined a gospel church! I may start another blog for those adventures one day but for now I need to tell you about this amazing restaurant.

Persepolis is exactly as it’s name suggests, a Persian metropolis. They sell all kinds of middle eastern ingredients, sweets, cakes, vegetables and dairy products, plus random stuff like ornaments, watering cans and postcards. Frankly there isn’t enough room on this page to list everything they sell, and that’s just one half of the business. The other half of the shop is dedicated to their vegetarian/vegan restaurant ‘Snackistan’, run by acclaimed cookbook writer and chef, as well as purveyor of massive red frizzy hair, Sally Butcher, otherwise known as Mrs Shopkeeper. She’s written around seven or eight cook books which are all on sale in the shop, and the best part is she will most likely be cooking your lunch or dinner so get ready for a treat!


Persepolis, 28-30 Peckham High Street


The restaurant has a limited number of tables so I would advise booking for lunch or dinner although if you turn up late for either you will most likely find a space. They don’t have an alcohol licence so you’re welcome to bring your own booze. This is my excuse to try more dishes as it’s incredibly cheap and good value.


Mrs Shopkeeper’s mezze counter, topped up daily with different additions so no platter is ever the same.


This is the small mixed meze platter which always comes complete with giant wotsits!


Giant mezze sharing platter for 4 people. This was part of the £20 per person tasting menu, a great option if you fancy sampling a variety of dishes. Be warned however, you will receive a ridiculous amount of food so make sure you have the appetite for it. All dishes come as a surprise.


Bulgar Pilavi, with toasted nuts, dates and yoghurt.


Some good humoured reading material


Fattet, a dish of chick peas, spinach and fried bread tossed in a garlicky tahini sauce.


Grilled halloumi with tomatoes, oregano, pine nuts and raisins served on flat bread. There are two other varieties of this dish as well but this is my favourite by far.


Falafel Wrap


Albaloo Pulao, a classic Persian rice dish.


Hot Pot of the day.


The Persepolitan injera (a type of North Africa pancake), served with fava beans, salsa, coleslaw and grated halloumi. This is perhaps my favourite dish.


Fried plantain scrambled with eggs and harissa


Broccoli and cauliflower sautéed with tomatoes, sesame and garlic.


Dessert sharing platter, so full of win. Another feature of the £20 per head tasting platter….


Homemade cheesecake of the day, so damn good.


The Persepolis Cheese Meze platter


Here’s a closer look at the main menu


The amazing ginger tea with orange, lemon and mint. Recommend.


The shop can get quite busy while staff run around trying to manage alongside a packed restaurant. You can pay with cash or card.


Sweeties, baklava, cakes and stuff.


Iranian Brittle.


Signs like this are common place, they are a quirky bunch in here, if not slightly bonkers….


And by the way, leaving silly messages in the toilet is very much encouraged!


A couple of Sally’s books on sale, a must have for any vegetarian home cooks. Available from Amazon or the shop website:

As you can see I’ve been many times, in fact I think I’ve tried almost everything on the menu and it’s that kind of place where you keep coming back to try more. It’s not a fast food joint so don’t expect to be in and out quickly, it’s a relaxed affair with friendly vibes and if you’re lucky enough you might get some Iranian techno with your meal. ❤

Guess where I’m going for lunch today….


28-30 Peckham High Street
SE15 5DT
020 7639 8007

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